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noun  (plural raindogs) Definition:
1.  raindog
a dog caught in the rain, its trail washed away by the water so he can’t get back home. a stranded dog, who wants nothing better than to get home.
2. raindog
a term used for someone who is lost and cannot find his way.

On Friday night we took I-75 to Finley, Ohio and stayed at the Econo Lodge ($35) which was just off the freeway. Across the street was Frickers where we had dinner… I’ll have a beer & a frickin’ burger, … please.

Saturday morning after breakfast at a diner near the hotel we take Route 68 to Route 31… a beautiful two lane highway drive through Hardin County & Logan County farmland (look Andrew, frickin’ cows) and a small Amish town, Mt. Victory. We stop in downtown Marysville for lunch at a restaurant that was located in a turn of the century building.  Then Route 33 to Columbus.waitsOhioWaits1

We arrive early afternoon in Columbus and get a key to our room at the Days Inn ($45), I would have preferred to stay at the five star hotel near the theater, but it was booked … so if I can’t go first class … it’s low class, and that’s what the Days Inn was. There’s a bar attached to the hotel,  Club 161 … the sign on the door read “Management reserves the right to check any patron for weapons”.

We head downtown and park the car, ComFest is going on, an art & music festival. The first stop is the Ohio Theater to find out what time the show starts, we had paperless tickets, it starts at 8:00, it’s 2:30 … we go to check out the ComFest parade we see going on a block away.


We watch the parade, mmm … that must be the gay pride float … and another … and another … men in G-strings, girls with pasties … some without … bare breasts? … wtf is going on … we find out it’s the gay pride parade! … ‘It’s visibility, and it’s fun’ ?! … It’s something Andrew and I have never seen before so we watch until the end and then follow the crowds to the ComFest down by the river, part way there we decide to find an air-conditioned bar. I mention to Andrew that I’m sensing a look of jealousy from some of the guys my age, here I am with this young “hottie” .. my son Andrew laughs.

So we turn around and head to the Tip Top, and it’s on Gay Street none the less. It’s the Raindog pre-concert meeting spot, it’s 3:30 … time for a beer, and they have a great selection, Two Hearted Ale & Dead Guy Ale on tap … Andrew and I partake in ale & philosophical discussion … then dinner.

Raindogs start arriving about 5:30, there’s a downpour outside … how appropriate. The bar is getting crowded, Andrew and I are in a booth by ourselves and we’re approached by a gentleman with his girlfriend. He asks if we’re Raindogs, I reply that yes I’m a member of the Raindog email list. He introduces himself as the Matchman from Chicago and hands us each a book of matches with Tom Waits picture on them and inquires about sitting with us, sure.waitsMatches2

He explains how he started making the matchbooks years ago for each tour Tom does and sends a couple boxes to Stuart his tour manager to give to Tom Waits. We discuss the different tours and different artists and soon our booth becomes the gathering place for most of the Raindogs in the bar. We meet people from all over the world who have flown in for the concert, people from Germany, England, Boston and California.

We hang with them until 6:30, it stopped raining, Andrew and I leave to witness Waits unique performance style … “vaudevillian blues theatre”.


After the concert we walk to the parking garage, we enter the elevator with what appears to be another father & son … the son has on the same t-shirt that Andrew has on, but he is younger, there are other similarities. We look at each other … after exiting the elevator it is shared between Andrew & I that we just met our doubles from another time and dimension … one of those weird cosmic occasions hard to explain! waitsOhioWaits4

We drive back to the Days Inn, the room next door has moaning sex noises going on, we decide to check out Club 161 for a beer, there’s not many people there, a drunk in town for a wedding decides to talk with me … then a girl comes up and asks where I’m from … after a little chit-chat she tells me to “be careful”. I down my beer and leave. Back in the room there’s still “noise” next door we turn up the TV and watch a rerun of George Carlin on SNL.


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