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Monthly Archives: September 2009






I’ve got in the habit of carrying my camera in my briefcase, last night while leaving work I noticed the chair my brother took pictures of sitting by the dumpster. The pictures he took were in the body shop, the arms of the chair are taped to hold it together, that chair once was in the front office, handed down … from a sales chair to a body techs break chair, and probably many stops in-between. Now it waits for room to be available in the dumpster.


Last Tuesday was Joan’s last day, this picture I took that day. She started working here in 1957, I was born in 1958 … she claims to have been my babysitter on occasion when I was an infant, I’ll have to take her word on that.


Last Wednesday was Wayne’s last day, his father worked here before him … his plans are to take some time and just drive, doesn’t know what direction … just drive. Said he’d been working since he was twelve years old and just never had the time before.

Today is Randy and Louie’s last day.


tryin’ to ignore what the paper says …

“In the next 18 months, the economy will be as bad, or worse, as it is right now,”

“This is a peaceful protest. They keep bringing in more and more cops.”

“the first time a sound cannon has been used for crowd control in the USA.”

… on the recent topic of blogs I was going to mention rarely reading them, could only think of one I look at on a regular basis … … since then I’ve remembered these that I check occasionally:

and searching my maze of bookmarks for others, when Jeff Tweedy’s son was on stage to celebrate his 13th birthday his was referenced … … I followed it for a while, great photos, stories, music videos … and insight …

which lead to Uncle Danny’s and his endeavors and successes with a preemie child.

I may find one in a search on a topic, bookmark it and never look at it again … here is one such find:

it struck a chord with me … listening to Zappa in a Michigan basement and not really liking school …

and now reading more recent entries more chords were struck:


I’ll be checking One Flew East blog more often …

oh … and my business closed, the last day open was Thursday, now I will have many months of sifting through the ashes, ashes of the automobile industry, ashes of American flags (Wilco reference) … the last five years have been a struggle with Michigan’s economy on a steady downward spiral, we have been rusting, fading … then the brand elimination, burn out … is it better to burn out than to fade away? (Neil Young reference) … … I’ll let you know ……

My brother was in town Saturday, we did a walkaround of the dealership, he took pictures … just opened an email containing a few of them.

He said “There will be more later. It’s a visual treasure…I’d like to come back and do more when I can spend more time.”

I’m looking forward to spending some time with him tomorrow night, we meet in Ann Arbor for a Fred Eaglesmith concert.







another can’t wait!

Tom Waits: Glitter & Doom Live


Michael T. Regan, the photographer, has an audio slideshow of the photo’s he shot at the show in Columbus, Ohio … Andrew and I were there … in his slideshow there’s a shot of the balcony, we were front row center …balconyOhioTheatre

Tom was at the Toronto premier of Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus tonight … TomToronto090918

Tom Waits, who if dogs could speak would sound like him …

being true to the mission of this blog I am currently reading “INSIDE OF A DOG: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know”

“anyone who wants to understand the life of an animal must begin by considering what he called their umwelt . . . : their subjective or ‘self-world.’ ” Hard as we may try, a dog’s-eye view is not immediately accessible to us, however, for we reside within our own umwelt, our own self-world bubble, which clouds our vision.

“dogs will look into our eyes. “Though they have inherited some aversion to staring too long at eyes, dogs seem to be predisposed to inspect our faces for information, for reassurance, for guidance.” They are staring, soulfully, into our umwelts. It seems only right that we try a little harder to reciprocate”


can’t wait to see this!

“scenes from a concert”

“… Young’s entry to the Tower from a garbage-filled alley …”

“performed at the 1927-built Tower Theater … he was really happy the film seemed to suggest that there are ghosts of performance past in a theater like this,” … “Again, with the old-fashioned lighting that he used and all this old fashioned equipment, he really wanted to honor performance. He was amazed we were able to get the painter in it. So that’s his idea about honoring creativity in the myriad ways that we can be creative.”