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… on the recent topic of blogs I was going to mention rarely reading them, could only think of one I look at on a regular basis … … since then I’ve remembered these that I check occasionally:

and searching my maze of bookmarks for others, when Jeff Tweedy’s son was on stage to celebrate his 13th birthday his was referenced … … I followed it for a while, great photos, stories, music videos … and insight …

which lead to Uncle Danny’s and his endeavors and successes with a preemie child.

I may find one in a search on a topic, bookmark it and never look at it again … here is one such find:

it struck a chord with me … listening to Zappa in a Michigan basement and not really liking school …

and now reading more recent entries more chords were struck:


I’ll be checking One Flew East blog more often …

oh … and my business closed, the last day open was Thursday, now I will have many months of sifting through the ashes, ashes of the automobile industry, ashes of American flags (Wilco reference) … the last five years have been a struggle with Michigan’s economy on a steady downward spiral, we have been rusting, fading … then the brand elimination, burn out … is it better to burn out than to fade away? (Neil Young reference) … … I’ll let you know ……


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