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I’ve got in the habit of carrying my camera in my briefcase, last night while leaving work I noticed the chair my brother took pictures of sitting by the dumpster. The pictures he took were in the body shop, the arms of the chair are taped to hold it together, that chair once was in the front office, handed down … from a sales chair to a body techs break chair, and probably many stops in-between. Now it waits for room to be available in the dumpster.


Last Tuesday was Joan’s last day, this picture I took that day. She started working here in 1957, I was born in 1958 … she claims to have been my babysitter on occasion when I was an infant, I’ll have to take her word on that.


Last Wednesday was Wayne’s last day, his father worked here before him … his plans are to take some time and just drive, doesn’t know what direction … just drive. Said he’d been working since he was twelve years old and just never had the time before.

Today is Randy and Louie’s last day.



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