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I watched this PBS “Frontline” show over the weekend, “Close To Home”, it examines the current state of the economy from the perspective of what is heard from a haircare chair.
There’s a lot of interesting data and articles in the “Readings & Stats” link too.

I thought it was something interesting to fill this space with, I couldn’t think of anything else, and I’ve been thinking about it … and it’s funny that I feel motivated to have something fresh here, that could be a subject in itself, I guess.

I’m on the 14th week of not getting a haircut and I … (wait .. there’s a spider lowering itself just left of the computer monitor, first thought “kill”, then I think cool, I’ll watch it … … creating it’s own lowering rope … … it’s small, harmless, life … … then I remember a bedroom that was rarely visited at my grandmother’s house, we were playing in there as kids and on the side of the bed between it and the wall we discovered a spider’s nest, with about a million very small harmless life … I killed the spider by the monitor) … and I … forgot what I wanted to say, damn spider!

Anyway, it’s a tie-in to mentioning my lack of a haircut, in the past I would get it cut about every six weeks, it always looked the same according to my wife. Why not get it cut now  … because it’s the first time in almost 30 years I don’t feel obligated to, obligated to what? … my Dad saying “you’re starting to look like a bum”, obligated to his memory the past 8 years of saying “you’re starting to look like a bum”.
I think if my Dad were alive today he too might stop getting his haircut, that’s just the kind of reckless rebels we are.



  1. I think it’s a good exercise for all of us once in awhile. Why AM I obliged to do that? Why DO I do it? We all get walking the well worn path sometimes. It’s good to stop and take a look around sometimes.

    • Yes, I’m looking around at the obligated whys, my mother didn’t notice until I mentioned not getting it cut, her first reaction was “oh, but you’re a businessman, you have to keep it cut”, on my next visit she commented on the curls in the back, a compliment I think. Anyway it’s a subtle way of saying wtf, and I’ve been told I haven’t been too subtle verbally expressing my wtf lately. I thought, I’m not a businessman anymore, I don’t have to be politically correct and try not to offend anybody, wtf. But I’ll reel in the verbal wtf and try to be a little more subtle.
      And the fact is I prefer it short, maybe I’ll shave my head!

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