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I have two main storage areas for my music collection, in the family room and a small room in the basement I call the vault. Above is the family room, below the vault.

When I mentioned posting something about my cds it was said, “I expect your massive music collection will keep you blogging for decades.” It has been mind boggling trying to figure out how to present it.

It would be a huge undertaking to try to write about the whole collection, so I will focus on just one part of it, one artist, Frank Zappa, and to thoroughly explore just Zappa would take years. He is probably the largest segment of the collection followed by Neil Young, Bob Dylan,Tom Waits and John Hartford. These are artists whose concerts were and are enthusiastically recorded by audience members resulting in a treasure trove of live shows available to those who seek them, which I have been doing for years. I have every official Zappa album/cd which total 85 at this date and his estate continues to release more.

I keep a list of all the live shows I collect, I haven’t updated it since July of 2008, I do have a word doc for each show I’ve collected since then but have not summarized it to my master list. There have been only two Zappa shows collected in the past fifteen months so it was easy to add them, it now totals 358 different titles/dates, most of them 2 cd sets. So between the official releases and the bootlegs I have a total of well over 800 Zappa cds!

Each live Zappa show is unique, he never played the same solo twice, each solo was improvised on the spot, and each show contained many solos. I of course have a copy of the last Zappa concert I attended, it was February 28, 1988. I have put together an edit of the concert that is only the solos, the total running time is just shy of 45 minutes. So of the 2 hour and 20 minute concert one third of it is unique never heard before and never to be heard again improvised performance.

The first performance of “Texas Motel Medley” was at that show, Zappa was obviously pleased with its performance because the first solo performed after its debut was the most aggressive, poignant performance I have witnessed!

Yes, music is the best!


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