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this is my new friend lakota … she was rescued from a neglectful master by 2nd male human in our dwelling on the eve of givingthanks that humans celebrate by cooking a large dead bird and eating it … there were many other delicious new smells in our dwelling also that complemented the dead bird

this new dog dweller of our dwelling is like me roscoe a dog that our 1st male human dweller resists dwelling with us and he is alpha male and we respect him but we still dwell

prior to us dog dwellers there was cat dweller tucker who is still with us but who did not speak until senior cat dweller zappa died .. . who got his name because 1st female human dweller thought naming him that to gain acceptance by 1st male human who enjoyed the creations of air-sculpture-magician of that name

tucker stays away from lakota and might be ascared because lakota is big … tucker and i roscoe run and play but i am smaller than tucker .. but i am much smaller than lakota and i am not ascared cause i am senior dog of dwelling

will tucker dwell successfully with lakota … will 1st male human dwell successfully with what is becoming dwelling like a barn … stay tuned …



  1. Still laughing after five minutes.
    Good luck.

  2. I mean, good luck humans.

    • thanks, I try not to dwell on it.

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