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Monthly Archives: December 2009



these are sad to watch …

but to me convey the essence of performance

“I think of myself as a director of movies for the ears. I’ve always been
aware of theatre, how I came off visually when I perform. But people hear
music in all kinds of different ways. Some people experience music as colours;
others just see grey water pouring out of the speakers. Some never listen to
lyrics, they just fall under a spell. Some eat it whole. Some just take a bite.
Some of us like to get on our backs and roll around in it like a dog.”
-Tom Waits

I always wondered what was beyond the hatch on the ceiling of the second floor of the twenty-five by one hundred feet building we used as the parts department, I finally explored it this week before I no longer have access to it …. a building that in the late 1800’s was a print shop.