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I’ve been having writer’s block of late, not that I consider myself a writer, but something worth putting here is just not coming to mind lately.

I’ve been digging into my hard drive searching old files, so my plan is to post some of the finds here, installment #1 will be called “alone”.

I found some IMs (instant messages) I saved from when my youngest son first went away to college, and reflecting on my own first away from home experience I realized that form of technology to communicate was not there, or cell phones for that matter, it was a land-based phone that more often than not someone else was nearby overhearing any conversation; there was no aspect of privacy in a college dormitory!

Was I more alone without IM or email or cell?

September 6, 2003 – Saturday 8:26am
son:  hi dad
dad:  hi
son:  wanna see something me and my room mate made yesterday?
son:  I’m pretty proud of it
dad:  sure
dad:  what ya doing this weekend
son:  today, devon, kelly, and chris are coming down to visit, tomorow: I have to buy more stuff for class and do some concet drawings for 2d design
son:  thats about it
son:  what adress do you want me to send the pictures to?
dad:  dad@
son:  k
son:  the story is: my room mate drew a character from a story I wrote, I explained as he drew
dad:  i’ll check it out, gotta go to work now
son:  and then I scanned it and inked it out in photoshop and added some special effect
son:  k
son:  bye
dad:  love you
son:  you too dad 🙂

September 9, 2003 – Tuesday 8:54pm
son:  hey dad
dad:  hi andrew, how are you
son:  i’m good
son:  are you home this weekend?
dad:  i never got the picture you were going to e-mail me
dad:  yes i’m home this weekend
dad:  i just got back from a meeting in las vegas
son:  I might come home this weekend
son:  wondering what times you’ll be home
son:  I already know mom isn’t gonna be home untill sunday
dad:  arn’t you coming home the next weekend
son:  this weekend
dad:  no, for all saints homecomming
son:  yea
son:  that too
dad:  why this weekend?
son:  cuz I dont have alot of homework… and I miss home
dad:  you miss meeeee
son:  I’m coming home whether you like it or not dad 🙂
dad:  I said …you miss meeee??
dad:  say it, go ahead
son:  I miss you… dad
dad:  see, I can be weird even instant messaging, can’t get away from it!
son:  but what times will you be home and not home… cuz i’m gonna stop by friend’s houses and such and I wanna stop home when your there
dad:  don’t know for sure, are you bringing home laundry?
son:  absolutly
son:  maybe a girl or 2
son:  then I’ll ask you for some money… and book it back to detroit 🙂
dad:  are you gonna leave one of the girls?
son:  sure
dad:  to do laundry?
dad:  when will you be here, friday?
son:  yea
son:  or thursday night
son:  do you work friday?
dad:  yes i work friday, gotta go, i’ll call you in the next day or two.
son:  kk
son:  bye dad
son:  love you
dad:  bye, love you too

October 12, 2003 – Sunday 12:43am
son:  hi dad
dad:  hi, what ya doin’
son:  hi dad
son:  doing some homework… I’m taking a short break right now
son:  how are ya?
dad:  i’m good, you’re doing homework this late?
son:  yea, everyone is gone in the appt. so its a good time to get some stuff done
dad:  that’s good, do you have any friends over?
son:  no
son:  just me
dad:  hope you’re not lonely, have fun doing your work, i’m going to bed now .. goodnight, love ya.
son:  night, love you too

October 14, 2003 – Tuesday 5:06pm
son:  hi dad
dad:  hi
son:  sorry, you trying to sign off?
dad:  no, i just signed on
dad:  i was swithching to my b@com, i put in the b, then you must of im’ed me
son:  I got an A- on my midterm drawing!
dad:  GREAT!
dad:  did you get an idea of how you are doing in all your classes
son:  no just foundation drawing
dad:  please check and find out about ALL your classes
dad:  or i’m gonna kick your ass
son:  like a B
son:  cuz I’ve gotten Cs or C+s on all my drawings so far
son:  then the midterm one came up… and I got an A- 🙂
dad:  don’t make me come down there and open a can of wup ass on ya.
son:  ok
son:  I will
son:  I have to go do the dishes now
son:  bye
dad:  find out about your other classes, talk to the teachers, please
son:  love you
dad:  love ya too

October 28, 2003 – Tuesday 7:43pm
son:  i got all that work done
son:  I stayed up all night
dad:  great!
dad:  how do you think you did
son:  scott had alot too, so we just kept each other motivated and worked all night
son:  I did good on my drawing and my essay
dad:  what class was it for
son:  foundation drawing and 2d studio
dad:  did you make a doctors apt. yet?
son:  no
dad:  please do
son:  why dont I just goto the doctor in BC?
son:  I’m there every weekend anyways
dad:  no, you need to follow up with Dr. H, he did the lab tests, do you want us to make the apt. for you?
son:  sure
dad:  ok
dad:  are you done with your creative visualation project
son:  yea
dad:  Don’t forget about your eye dr appt on Friday be home before 11:30am.
son:  I thougt it was at 1?
dad:  It is but you can’t be late.
dad:  With all that staying up all night–you didn’t fall asleep in class did you?
dad:  Are you staying home all weekend or are you going back on Friday?
dad:  Hello, anybody out there?
son:  I’m going to my friends house on saturday night
son:  so I’ll be going back sunday
dad:  what are you doing at a friends/who?
son:  halloween party
son:  eric j’s
dad:  do you have to dress up???
son:  yea
dad:  what are you going to be .. a cowboy??
dad:  a fireman??
son:  Shuichi Kun from Gravitation
dad:  a ghost??
son:  its one of those crazy cartoons I watch
dad:  oh, I was gonna say WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!
dad:  mom says hi.
son:  hi mom
dad:  Matthew say hi too
son:  hi matthew
dad:  matthew wants to know if you are excited about the concert
son:  hell yea 🙂
dad:  remember we have Ian anderson next Tuesday, are you excited about that!
son:  yes
dad:  just yes, not hell yea:)
dad:  have a good night, love ya … Dad, Mom & Matthew ..
son:  night



  1. Me too (writer’s block). Think it’s something to do with the new year.

    Just call yourself a writer. It doesn’t hurt at all!

    • Once you accept it, you transcend it and it’s gone.

      Going through some old family photo albums helps too.

  2. I agree – baby steps mean everything.

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