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Yesterday I read and responded to a blog entry Jennifer made about recurring dreams. I responded with: “A recurring dream I’ve had with a similar theme always revolves around school, in grade school or high school it was not having an assignment done or being late. In college it was just not going to class and realizing at the end of the semester I had to find where to go to take the final exam! The college/university dream I’ve had occur well after those school years, I guess it’s a just not being prepared dream.”

I just had that recurring dream last night, it was about looking for a math class location, I just started walking knowing I would recognize the building, go in and find the room. After walking in different directions and not finding it I looked at a campus map I had, no words were on the map, just shapes similar to the surroundings, it was of no help, it would tell me where I was but not where to go. I was approached by someone who recognized me, he was an important person, maybe the president of the university, he questioned me about a recipe he heard I had, when I told him he must be thinking about someone else and asking him for directions he responded with a “if you can’t help me I won’t help you” attitude. In crowds I ran into old friends. It then turned into a dormitory hallway with keys left in doors and broken locks, I collected those keys and attempted to repair the locks. Former coworkers were in that dorm, one asking if he could sleep in my room for a while because he no longer had a room to use. I myself was also trying to find a place to rest in this unheated bare dormitory.

The meaning of part of this dream I relate to a business equipment inventory tax filing that is due the end of the week, in the past it was a relatively simple task of adding purchases and deleting a few disposals and aging everything one year. This year it is much more involved with matching many deletions that have been on the depreciation schedule for decades that I have never had to identify before, categorizing obsoletes and researching filing rules that in the past I didn’t care about.


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