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I have always had an interest in astronomy ever since I studied it in grade school, and as I learned about our planet, solar system, milky way, the universe, I have put myself “out there” visualizing it.

This video does what I have attempted to visualize:

Thinking about it … before learning about space I would visualize being “out there” much more locally. I grew up by railroad tracks and as a child lying in bed at night when a train would go by I would mentally board that train and “slip away”, it would start with me being in the boxcar … then above the train … going with it … it would lull me to other places … and to sleep. The best was on a summer night with all the windows open, you would hear the train coming for miles … then mentally jumping on when it was behind the house … and listening as it rumbled for miles in the distance, leaving my physical body behind.

“the entire universe is reflected in man”

That also reminds me of a book I found out about during an October 2006 interview with Joseph Arthur, which this is part of:

things are exactly how they are supposed to be

i am not my circumstance

i am not my situation

i’m beyond my circumstance and my situation

life sets up difficult situations that are there for your character to build through

-Joseph Arthur

Joseph mentions the book “I Am That” during the discussion which prompted me to search for it, finding a downloadable pdf file.

I downloaded that about six months ago and occasionally browse it … just now I opened that file and quickly scrolled down to randomly read part of it and fell on page 156 where my eye landed on “When I was younger, I had strange experiences …”


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