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I took these photos to school as a kid to show my friends … I told them they were real … a UFO in my back yard. The teacher was interested also … so eventually the word got out that the flying saucer was taped to the kitchen window and I took a picture of it. The fact is that the picture of the flying saucer was cut out from the front cover of our “weekly reader” just days before, anyone paying attention would have found me out.

The photos were taken at between 3:30 and 3:40 pm on March 9th 1967. I know that because it was written on the envelope by the teacher, she wrote “4 P.M. 3-9-67”, but you can see a clock on the kitchen wall showing the time.

The pictures were passed around to other classes at school, my sister was a year older, her class saw them and probably others. My teacher Mrs. Kent removed one of the pictures, I know this because I wrote on the envelope “Mrs. Kent took one” which I never got back!

I saw a real UFO in 1965, I didn’t know that until 2007 … to be continued …


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