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I saw another fireball on March 26, 2003 while driving home from a concert in Ann Arbor, performing were Arlo Guthrie and Odetta. I was aware of Odetta at the time but not that familiar with her or her music.

Odetta ended up being “the show” in my opinion, she has a presence about her, a calm aura, she could have just recited from a book and I would have been blown away!

Odetta has been attributed as a major influence upon many artists, from Bob Dylan to Janis Joplin.

The fireball in the sky was like a nod from the heavens acknowledging the caliber of the evening’s performer and performance. My brother whom I met for the show also witnessed the celestial event while driving home.

Here is some actual video of the fireball/meteorite, “News Footage (3)” is similar to what I saw, the other two videos only show the sky brightening.


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