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Going through some old files I found this information on personality types, it was acquired years ago from a business processes consultant who thought it would interest me. It was not something he used in his current job but was trained in it for his previous job as a military recruiter. As a recruiter he had monthly quotas to fill, he said “like any sales job”, I had mixed feelings on what he was “selling”. He claimed he had never recruited anyone without them and their family fully understanding what they were getting into … and unfortunately it fulfills a necessary function in society.

He could identify a person’s type by simply interacting with them; at least he identified mine on a subsequent visit. He asked if I had researched it, when I said yes he stated that he bet I was an INTJ, he was right. I had determined that by taking this 72 question Typology Test, the results were that I was “Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging” … a “Rational Mastermind”.

The 4 Temperaments are Guardians, Idealists, Artisans & Rationals with subcategories of:

Inspector |  Protector |  Provider |  Supervisor

Champion |  Counselor |  Healer |  Teacher

Composer |  Crafter |  Performer |  Promoter

Architect |  Fieldmarshal |  Inventor |  Mastermind

Who are you?

Answer all the questions from the perspective of what feels real for you, not answers that you think are how you should behave in any particular situation. The objective is to understand yourself as you really are.



  1. I forget what I am on the Myers-Briggs one, but it’s exceedingly interesting, they’re often so accurate. A friend of mine, a corporate trainer, is certified to assess people’s personality types.

  2. I will take the test, we’ll see if you peg…

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