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I saw this last night, it’s an eye opener.

It will be streaming online in its entirety through next Thursday.

Watch it while you can ..

“there is this deliberate veil, this curtain that is dropped between us and where the food is coming from” … “if you knew you might not want to eat it” … “But the image to sell the food … it’s the spinning of this pastoral fantasy.”

Chapters & length

1. Fast Food to All Food (17:01) The way we eat has changed drastically in the last fifty years.

2. A Cornucopia of Choices (5:34) Corn has been introduced into every part of the food system.

3. Unintended Consequences (16:13) Food safety has been compromised by the industrialized factory food system.

4. The Dollar Menu (5:29) The perceived value of food determines the average American diet despite hidden costs.

5. In The Grass (13:42) A comparison of industrial agriculture to small-scale farming alternatives.

6. Hidden Costs (7:25) The organic food market has slowly been absorbed by the industrial food system.

7. From Seed to the Supermarket (10:42) Patents on genetically modified seed allow large corporations to control food production.

8. The Veil (8:03) Large food corporations have a huge influence on food governing regulations.

9. Shocks to the System (6:20) Consumers ultimately hold the power over how the food system evolves.

… and at the end you get to listen to Bruce sing Woody!



  1. once you get your bearings with food inc you
    can go for the heavy duty stuff and watch
    “earthlings”. brutal and difficult to handle.
    but the truth can hurt. be prepared.


  2. I have heard this is powerful and not seen it. Thanks for the reminder Mike.

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