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I don’t remember much about Saturday October 6, 1984 other than carving my two and a half year old son Matthew’s name in a plank of railing on a viewing platform overlooking the river. Matthew and I were out exploring the park spending some quality father-son time… most likely because my wife was having a gathering of woman at our house that we had to escape from. I scraped his name in the wood with a key and put the date beneath it… 10-6-84. I’m sure we visited my parents too, whose house was eight blocks south of the park, the house I grew up in. When I was a child I would occasionally explore that same area, but it was not a park, it was an old abandoned city dump where we found many treasures, old bottles etc. Whenever I’m in the park, usually riding my bike like I was this past weekend, I stop to see if that moment in time is still preserved in that plank of wood next to the ever-flowing river.


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