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While sitting in the back yard observing the sky and surroundings I determined there were three levels of movement occurring around me.

The bug level took place inches away to a distance of many feet… the hovering bug that maintained its position above a distant bush for minutes before darting away in an instant like a UFO was the coolest at the bug level.

The bird level consisted of a blue jay’s progression from small tree to roof gutter to roof peek to large tree… multiple small birds darting between the trees and seagulls soaring at different levels of what could be as much as a mile high.

At both the bug and bird level is the sway of vegetation in the wind from flowers and bushes to the tallest trees.

The cloud level includes the slow procession across the sky of light and dark colored fluff and an assortment of manmade flying machines from low level personal planes to a shining speck slowly moving across the sky above cloud level… it did not leave a jet trail behind it, so was it a jet?

This personal time of observation and contemplation was one of the most enjoyable of the weekend… the shared meal of salmon, potatoes and green beans my son made while I was waiting on the deck was pretty enjoyable also.



  1. On which level resides the sharing meal (mmm salmon, potatoes and green beans) part? ‘Cause that one’s always my favourite. 🙂

    • I guess it would have to be the bug level due to the close proximity of movement… though no bugs were allowed to partake. 🙂

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