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I picked up Matthew this morning at the airport, home from his Kansas trip. He got the teaching job! While waiting for his luggage I see Chuck again, he’s walking out the airport door near where we are sitting, I call out to him and re-introduce myself. I said “remember I saw you at the parking booth Wednesday, I’m here picking up Matthew now from his trip”. He says “oh yea, I just got off working my shift”. I introduce him to Matthew and explain that Chuck and his son were in Scouts when we were, Matthew remembered them. Chuck tells me he’s going to start working at the sugar beat processing plant next month, they’re hiring seasonal help a month earlier than usual, he seams enthused about it… a better paying job. I ask Chuck how his son is doing, he said “I haven’t seen him”, I said “well that happens” thinking he moved out of state and they had not kept in contact with each other. Then Chuck says “He’s living in my basement with his girlfriend, he’s divorced from his first wife and has a couple kids, she took him for everything he had.” I said, “that’s too bad, tell him I wish him well and hope things get better”… (thinking “you haven’t seen him?”… oh well). Matthew’s luggage has arrived so we say goodbye to Chuck wishing him the best.


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