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Monthly Archives: September 2010

..the last day of northern summer..

the sun sinks in the west, bringing the season to a close, the full Harvest Moon will rise in the east, heralding the start of fall.

The two sources of light will mix together to create a kind of 360-degree, summer-autumn twilight glow that is only seen on rare occasions.


“Detroit was magical in Diego Rivera’s room. Songs sung honoring his murals. Many spirits came by to say hello and once there, they danced.”
that’s a twitter from Joseph Arthur about last nights concert I went to.

the night is now a blur… and so are my pictures… was it the dancing spirits?

Joe worked on the painting while performing “Can’t Let You Stay
Here’s a performance similar to the one last night…

the non-performance pictures I took of his gear between sets are clear…

some rehearsal pics thanks to Paul…

it’s an awesome place to see a magical performance…



Lots of interesting reading and videos at these links…

A Few Bags Of Grain
“but what do most of us truly know and understand about abandonment?”

Little Dark Heart
“They lie staring at the stars and they wait / They lie staring at the stars and they wait”

My Fall and I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side
“I’ve come to the conclusion that Mandarin and English are like two software platforms that just won’t communicate with each other.”

A Walk In The Park
“Zuoxiao Zuzhou told Eric to tell me that the lyric is a metaphor comparing a leisurely walk in the park with the cultural “walk” that is needed to successfully and honestly express oneself in Modern China.”

Mr Liu
“One of the most fascinating people that we became very close to was Mr. Liu”

Stranger Here
“the legend of the boy “never hungry, never cold”.”

You’ve Got To Get A Good Heart
“I was using a pocket camera to film it, which I held hidden in my coat. So the children’s reaction is to me and not to the camera.”

“The history of The June 4th Movement has all but been officially wiped out from China’s collective memory.”

A whole new meaning to the sound of “sewing bugs” when I now hear them.

“an animated short, set to a live recording by ZXZZ… his interpretation of the traditional Mongolian folk song Ulan Bator Nights.”

found via Cowboy Junkies… some amazing stuff there, more later…





i like it when the faucet is on.
it’s like you think you control it but it controls you.
first it’s just water coming out,
not even hot,
not even cold,
just tepid,
just luke warm.
but then it turns blue,
and sends out music,
quiet at first,
new agey
and cagey,
but then it turns dark blue,
and there is an orchestra with you in the room,
mozart on your shoulder conducting the wind thru the trees,
as the birds start flying towards your windows,
smashing into glass,
the music stops and out pours the souls of the old masters,
rainbows in 3D, and blood and whatever souls look like coming out of a faucet.
fast and furious and red and black,
like they can’t get out fast enough.
like they’re coming from someplace unbearable
into a waiting room
or purgatory.
it’s too much,
you turn the faucet off,
but it keeps pouring,
it turns into a fine pink liquid,
steam rising from the bottom of the sink to reveal it’s heat,
and music starts again.
this time it’s sitars and trumpets-
and detuned bass drums soaked in reverb.
a calm voice both alien and familiar
instructs you
to write it down
and send it off,
how it is received.
for you are only a vehicle of the universe,
and witness of the faucet
which is just dripping now,
orange rust and gold
dripping into something without a bottom,
dripping in the infinite,
like lips trying to kiss in the dark.

by josepharthur