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Lots of interesting reading and videos at these links…

A Few Bags Of Grain
“but what do most of us truly know and understand about abandonment?”

Little Dark Heart
“They lie staring at the stars and they wait / They lie staring at the stars and they wait”

My Fall and I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side
“I’ve come to the conclusion that Mandarin and English are like two software platforms that just won’t communicate with each other.”

A Walk In The Park
“Zuoxiao Zuzhou told Eric to tell me that the lyric is a metaphor comparing a leisurely walk in the park with the cultural “walk” that is needed to successfully and honestly express oneself in Modern China.”

Mr Liu
“One of the most fascinating people that we became very close to was Mr. Liu”

Stranger Here
“the legend of the boy “never hungry, never cold”.”

You’ve Got To Get A Good Heart
“I was using a pocket camera to film it, which I held hidden in my coat. So the children’s reaction is to me and not to the camera.”

“The history of The June 4th Movement has all but been officially wiped out from China’s collective memory.”

A whole new meaning to the sound of “sewing bugs” when I now hear them.


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