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“Detroit was magical in Diego Rivera’s room. Songs sung honoring his murals. Many spirits came by to say hello and once there, they danced.”
that’s a twitter from Joseph Arthur about last nights concert I went to.

the night is now a blur… and so are my pictures… was it the dancing spirits?

Joe worked on the painting while performing “Can’t Let You Stay
Here’s a performance similar to the one last night…

the non-performance pictures I took of his gear between sets are clear…

some rehearsal pics thanks to Paul…

it’s an awesome place to see a magical performance…



  1. That looks way cool – bet it was amazing.

      • roscoedialogues
      • Posted September 20, 2010 at 9:21 pm
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      It was one of those shows that when you’re there you know it’s good and absorb every minute… then reflecting back you realize it was an amazing show in a unique setting you’ve never experienced before that brought it to another level!
      And by Joseph Arthur’s comments I don’t think he has ever played in such an inspiring place.

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