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i found out about this party from my friend jennifer… the cyber party of the year at willow’s, i couldn’t miss it!

here i am thinking ‘should i go?’

… yes!… so a bath..

but what to wear?

my sweater and blue boots!?

but i looked silly, and it’s a fancy party!

so i wore my new red collar..

at the party i met a friend and we danced..

wow, what a party!… it’s late, i’m tired… goodnight.



  1. You look very cute! Your dance partner seemed a bit contrary at times though. Loved the red collar!

    • yes my partner had limited dance skills, but i sure “cut a rug”.

  2. Aww…tell Roscoe I wore my woolly socks to the ball, too!

    • thanks for letting me into the party… sorry about the accident on the rug.

  3. Totally adorable!!!

  4. LOL And to think, I showed up at the party and didn’t even mingle!

    • … should’ve mingled… could’ve danced with Roscoe… he would’ve liked that…

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