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During the six days of perfect weather last week I used 39 hours of it on my painting adventure. I’m still not done, got 9 of the 24 sections of old fence to do yet, hope to complete it this fall but may have to continue in the spring.

This little guy would visit me daily while I was working on the fence. I first noticed him peeking around from the back side, as the days went on he became more familiar, not hesitating to be right near where I was painting…

one day I even observed him checking out the paint can…

I wasn’t going to do a blog entry about my little friend but when he showed up last night sitting on an envelope in front of my computer monitor I took it as a sign that he wanted some recognition!

So here he or she is… I don’t even know what kind of creature it is… but I named him Wilson… can you guess why?



October 15, 2010 – 10:33 am

Questions after a day of contemplating Wilson:
– how did he get in the house? It’s a long walk from the fence for a little guy…
– did he ride in on Roscoe?
– did he ride in on me?

I saw him in the house on the night of the 13th, I had not worked on the fence since Sunday the 10th.
– did it take him that long to travel from the fence to my computer desk?
– if he rode into the house on the 10th where has he been?
– when I put him back outside that night I just blew him off the envelope onto the deck, should I have taken him to the fence?



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