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There are many holidays in the year that celebrate the genius of Frank Zappa, first on the calendar is Mother’s Day:

Next is Halloween, which I understand was his personal favorite:

And December we all know is devoted to his recognition considering it contains his death date (December 4, 1993) and his birth date, December 21st… this year he would have been 70.

We thought it fitting that some future entries be devoted to Frank, starting with the previous one that reviewed the first Zappa concert I attended… and Roscoe is currently working on adding some personal touches to one of his favorite album covers… look for it soon.


Mike & Roscoe






  1. He’s one of those artists that makes you think about all the future ideas that were lost to us because he died too young.

  2. yes… what would he be doing now… he was always so far ahead of his time.
    And I miss his commentary on current events, he always cut through the bullshit and told it like it was, I can only imagine his reaction to the strange world we live in now.

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