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“Contemplation begins with a thought that attracts you; as you consider it, its attraction expands and deepens. As it does, a feeling emerges from the idea or image that you began with. … Whatever the feeling, if you stay with it long enough, a change occurs. By subtle degrees the feeling becomes impersonal. It is no longer suffused with personal associations and memories. Something may be glimpsed behind the screen of thought, a sense that you have entered a deeper reality. Next, you may sense a hidden presence that cannot be described but can still be felt. … These changes signal the approach of the soul. They transform an everyday idea into something rarefied and pure.”

Page 93






  1. Love this! And it’s so true – there are a few related ideas that have resonated with me for a long period of time – growing, evolving, changing. And changing me.

    • That excerpt struck me also, and while reading it I thought of the “strata” entry on your blog… “behind” everything there is “beauty/soul”.

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