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… last spring we had ducks nesting in the bushes by our front porch, these pictures were taken last May 25th when I backed out of the garage (I had a camera with me)…

… this morning when I left the house (with no camera) there was a female Mallard standing on our front porch and the male was standing on the frost covered lawn a few feet away… I returned a few minutes later, they were in the same place. From inside the house I went to the front door (with the camera) to look, the female saw me and went out on the lawn with the male (I took these pictures from the front window)…

from there they walked further away onto the front lawn (I removed the front window screen to take this picture)…

I wonder if they are the same ducks returning to nest, if so the shaded area under the bush they used last year is still snow covered… to be continued?




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