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… “The world turns the same way for everybody but different people choose to see different things. I decided to remember the little pieces that matter to me. This is the same way that I see God, as little pieces flying by, tiny molecular pieces of information constantly flying by. Some people see them, some people don’t. ……….. A godly moment may be sparkling in only a tiny way… too small to make a difference in its singular form… but stacked up with others the sparkle begins to build shapes. The shapes are the instigators of sound, soul, and dreams.”

page 13 – “Soul Mining: A Musical Life” by Daniel Lanois





  1. How beautiful. I need to copy this quote.

  2. I think you would enjoy the whole book, I just started reading it, there’s a lot of things he writes about that I can relate to… being an altar boy, playing by the river & railroad tracks as a kid… and music stuff!

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