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November 22, 2010

Before the Black Dub concert we ate at the Majestic Cafe, one table away was Daniel Lanois and entourage, there was a photo opportunity… when he asked to see how it turned out he said “let’s try another” and “it must be the lighting, let’s try over here”, etc, etc… my brother mentioned it must be some setting on the phone camera that’s making it blurry, Lanois said if we figure it out he’d be happy to take another shot. We thanked him and said we were looking forward to the show.

John and I found that the plastic protection was still over the lens of his new phone. After dinner Daniel stopped to say goodbye when he was leaving the restaurant, we didn’t ask for more pictures… what a class act Daniel Lanois is!… and the concert was awesome!

June 9, 2011

Before another Black Dub concert we were leaving the Majestic Cafe to bring my copy of Lanois’ book “Soul Mining: A Musical Life”  back to the car, I had brought it to dinner with me in case we ran into Daniel again…  then walking by the sidewalk tables there he is with a group, we stop a few feet away after passing him and stand there wondering if I should bother him. After about 5 minutes someone else approaches him to say hello, I figure I won’t feel like an intruder now being the second one so I go up and introduce myself and my brother and remind him of the picture taken with him last fall, he remembers. I get the book signed and more people start approaching him and some pictures are taken. The people he was sitting with ask us to take a group picture with him and after Lanois leaves we find out that they just saw him walking by and asked him to join them for a drink and he did!…. he is so damn approachable & humble… the performance that night surpassed the incredible one of last November!


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