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For forty years I have ingested some foreign chemical-substance into my body, starting at age 13 smoking cigarettes and shortly after that trying my first beer followed by smoking pot and various other hallucinogens. The mind altering chemical use was stopped in about 1980… eight years was enough. Smoking tobacco continued until about 1996, it took a few years to really kick the habit. Coffee drinking was picked up sometime in the 1980’s, that and beer & wine have been almost daily vices until July 27th 2011 when a stomach problem demanded retreat… that’s what started my reflection of the last forty years… I’m gonna give my body a break for a while, something it hasn’t had since I was 12 years old!… will I feel like a kid again?



  1. Good. For. You. I suppose I don’t have the courage to give up wine yet – but I sure feel the need/desire/necessity to take care of myself.

    I expect you will feel like a kid again.

    • I have had the need/desire/necessity thing going and in the past year have lost 35lbs. eating right and getting more exercise… and a lot less stress! When I started working with my brother my coffee intake increased to 4-6 cups a day, 2-3 of those before I even got to the office. Caffeine was the hardest to stop (headaches)… alcohol was much easier than I thought it would be, I love tasting different kinds/flavors of beer/ale/stout/wine… I will drink in the future but it will be the exception, not the rule.
      Never thought of courage being involved, there was/is fear… of pain… wanting it to stop and not come back!

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