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Rode my bike out to see Mom today, it’s about 8 miles to her house, it’s one of my favorite and most memorable drives and have never did it by bike before. The favorite part is the scenery, the memorable part is when I drove my father home from the hospital ten years ago, it was the last time just he and I were in the car alone, talking and commenting on the beautiful day and the road side wild flowers… it was the first time I really “saw” the wildflowers… it was about this time of year.

On the way home I took the long way through town on the scenic riverwalk…

Then the sideroads by the railroad tracks home…



  1. What a beautiful ride!

    • Pati it was, and on a beautiful day!

  2. Gorgeousness. This is why I love August so. But I know, you “get” ditches like I do.

  3. Or… I “get” ditches like you do, haha.

    • I think it’s safe to say we “dig” ditches…

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