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Monthly Archives: October 2011

happy birthday Roscoe… another year older & wiser.



We Stand As One (#occupywallstreet)

We Stand As One is a protest song. Mostly, it is a song about the necessary and profound growing unity among those who have far less political influence than the strikingly small minority. I also wanted to make a statement about the consequences of corporate greed. It is an acknowledgment that many people have suffered greatly because they have access to so little, and I would add that many have perished, because they did not have access to adequate, affordable healthcare. The song is an acknowledgment that higher education is often out of reach for those of more limited means, and for those who can manage furthering their education, the consequence of impossibly high college loans looms well beyond the original aspirations of acquiring a degree. In writing the song I considered the history of protest and revolution. And while I would always hope for peaceful changes, I am well aware that revolution often leads to some form of violence. We Stand As One is an acknowledgement of violence that might ensue; yet, it is not a call for violent action. Certainly, the song could be heeded as a warning within those few lines that respond to what seemed to me an evident possibility. I hope the song will be seen in its full scope and context. If the song leads to genuine debate, then it might serve a good purpose. If the very few controversial lines within a nearly nine minute song are taken out of context and used for the purposes of instigating more anger, rather than change, then that would be regrettable. – Joseph Arthur



When I previously wrote “I can’t wait to try it” I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get, asking about it at our local store Jim told me the distributor said he would get at least one and maybe six… I asked him to let me know, he said I was second on the list.

Last week Jim informed me they got six, all pre-sold to their regular customers… this rare sought after brew was mine to taste!… they’re selling on ebay for as much as $100.

Now I can wait to try it… in the proper set & setting.

Click here for a review of the brew.

Some even camped out at the brewery to buy ’em…

These people arrived at 5:00am… LINK

these at 7:45am… LINK

for a taste of the #3 ranked brew… LINK

Roscoe’s guarding it for me…


“Spirituality concerns our own motivation, while secular activity implies working in the world. Because motivation pervades all action, it is important that we have a positive motivation. Whatever we are involved in, whether it’s politics, education, medicine, law, engineering, science, business or industry, the nature of our motivation determines the character of our work.” – Dalai Lama




what we are missing is red ink:
the language to articulate our non-freedom.
– Slavoj Zizek





from “the space“…

noticed this morning while putting Roscoe out…

hanging beautifully in the southern sky…