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When I previously wrote “I can’t wait to try it” I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get, asking about it at our local store Jim told me the distributor said he would get at least one and maybe six… I asked him to let me know, he said I was second on the list.

Last week Jim informed me they got six, all pre-sold to their regular customers… this rare sought after brew was mine to taste!… they’re selling on ebay for as much as $100.

Now I can wait to try it… in the proper set & setting.

Click here for a review of the brew.

Some even camped out at the brewery to buy ’em…

These people arrived at 5:00am… LINK

these at 7:45am… LINK

for a taste of the #3 ranked brew… LINK

Roscoe’s guarding it for me…



  1. Okay, maybe I haven’t been a loyal enough friend/reader and maybe I didn’t read your links carefully enough, but why do they call it Canadian Breakfast stout if its brewed in Grand Rapids? Does it have essences of peameal bacon? (Because I was all ready to say you could COME TO CANADA and try some Canadian stout, but I don’t know that one. But there is a good stout brewed in Toronto (Mill St.), though I have a tough time moving beyond Guinness myself.)

    Good man, Roscoe.

    • I think it’s called “Canadian” because of the “maple” syrup/bourbon barrel aging process.
      Beer with bacon essences is brewed in Chicago, “Goose Island Maple Bacon Stout” 🙂

      At one time Canada kicked the State’s ass in quality beer, but we now rule in craft beer! (correct me if I’m wrong, haven’t been to Canada in a while but want to)
      When we would come visit you guys years ago I would always bring back “Upper Canada” brews, “Publican” was my favorite, “Maple Brown Ale” was good and I always looked forward to the seasonal “Winter Lager” strong ale. It was sad to find out Upper Canada was sucked up by a corporate beer giant and its selections watered down.

      Thanks Jen for being a friend/reader!

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