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you go carry heavy water
i’ll get my solar bucket
mix up with force and gravity
dance around my atom fire

fill your sack of fiery forces
trot down your neutron horses
get down from your atom wagon
dance around my atom fire

radioactive pick and shovel
universe on the point of a needle
you bust another atom
sing around my atom fire

write down your law of numbers
marriage wings and relativity
i’ll bring my fourth dimension
will sing by the atom fire

throw on some history pages
words of your wit and sages
throw on ten million ages
warm by the atom fire

dance around my sweet titanium
kiss my lips my pretty helium
we’ll look at the flames of nations
sit here by the atom fire

whirl around my little atom atom
spin around you pretty little neutron
dance around and fall fall
sing around my atom fire

hug me my goodness gracious
i’ll sing a little song of ages
dance around and fall down
fall down around my atom fire

Woody Guthrie
September 26, 1945



  1. Beautiful. Only Woody. When I was in university I took an English course once, “English Poetry Between the Wars.” I joked that I wanted to kill myself after each reading by folks like Auden and Spender. I can see it differently now (probably because I’m less tired). This song seems to belong in that “world changing too bloody fast” mindset.

    • Those lyrics caught my attention because they’re the most abstract of Woody’s that I have heard or read… “world changing too bloody fast” indeed… the month before he wrote that is when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

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