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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Wednesday I flew out to Kansas to drive a U-Haul back to Michigan, that truck contained my son and his fiancé’s household possessions, they are moving back to the state! I flew into Dodge City via Chicago and Denver… I was left in charge of the Dodge City airport while waiting for my son to pick me up, the man behind the desk locked the front door and left…

Wednesday night was spent packing the truck, Thursday was spent packing the truck, with a break to go meet one of my son’s fellow teachers Mr. Nyberg, who had shared mutual interests of astronomy and chess with Matthew.

Friday morning was again spent packing the truck… we left at 12:30pm after Matthew got out of work. Here’s a picture I took with my old style flip-phone (like the other poor quality photos on this page) of Matthew’s red car leading the way out of Kansas…

We drove 8 hours to Columbia Missouri and Saturday morning Matthew and Renie left at 6am, they were driving the remaining 10 hours back to Michigan, I left 3 hours later and was only doing 7 hours that day so I could stop in Benton Harbor to catch a show by one of my favorite artists, Fred Eaglesmith.

I arrived in Benton Harbor about 5:30pm to find much street activity due to a PGA golf event that was being held in the town, parking for the 20 foot U-Haul was a challenge but was found only two blocks from the venue. While walking I was summoned by a street vender that was selling hot dogs for the benefit of the homeless shelter she ran, I told her I would return.

I arrived at The Livery Brewery to find the band just starting to set up for the 9pm show, I had a beer and talked to the drummer/merch table manager Kori for a while, then chatted with the bands guitar player Matty and bass player Justine.

After my refreshment and some conversation with the band I returned to the homeless shelter hot dog stand for my dinner.

While going back to the Livery I walked the ally to the back door where I was asked by a man for money to buy food, so I told him I would get him some… and returned to the hot dog stand to purchase his meal, the person running the stand (Sherron Wilder) was well aware of Eddy in the ally and thanked me for not giving him money that he would spend unwisely, she gave me her card and was very appreciative of my donation, I brought Eddy his food and a water and checked out Fred Eaglesmith’s bus that was parked behind the venue.

“There’s gallons of grease in the back that I pour into my fuel tank,
and I can tell you there’s a song in every bucket.” – Fred Eaglesmith

I went back in to watch the band sound-check and met some other Fred fans that had traveled from Indiana. It was not long before the show started with Bill Poss opening, then his wife Tiff Ginn performed, she has been a backup singer with Fred for the past few years, her vocal performance blew me away. Then Fred took the stage opening with his song “Johnny Cash”…

(photo above from the show thanks to Kent from Indiana)

Fred closed the show with “Truckers Speed” at about 11:30pm…

(video below in not from the show)


as reflected through front door windows…

you had to be there to see the motion and changing color of the light