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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Roscoe’s 4th








On July 27th I went to see Neil Young’s new movie “Journeys” at the Birmingham Theater. It’s primarily a concert film of his 2011 Toronto performance at Massey Hall with some footage of Neil and his brother Bob visiting their childhood home of Omemee, Ontario.

During the performance of “You Never Call” there is some grainy out-of-focus “Super-8” archive footage of an audience taken from a stage, it then pans up to a theater ceiling… (here’s a capture of the archive video ceiling shot)…

… when I saw the ceiling I thought to myself, “that’s the Fox Theater in Detroit!” … the video goes by so quickly that you can’t recognize much… but somehow it registered in my mind.

Here’s an official photo of the ceiling…

I was at the May 20th 1999 concert at the Detroit Fox and Neil came out before his second encore with a hand held camera and walked the edge of the stage filming the audience… could the footage in “Journeys” be from that show?… a clue that it’s the Fox in Detroit will be if there’s a tall guy in the audience front row center (I was in the 3rd row behind him and took this picture):

… that’s my friend Rick and his wife Susan who had front row center seats, here’s a picture of us at a gathering before the concert:

Neil practically had the camera in Rick’s face… maybe all these nuances in the grainy out of focus video triggered something in my brain, because after watching “You Never Call” at the movie theater all I could think of was that night at the Fox… a subliminal influence?… what I need is for this to be released on DVD so I can stop it frame by frame and study the faces and ceiling!

Then in September a website announced the release of the DVD and had part of the video from “You Never Call”… at the 2:15 mark there’s a shot of a theater organ:

I compared it to the Detroit Fox Theater Wurlitzer:

That video has to be from the Fox… when the DVD is released I’ll be able to satisfy my curiosity.

Now fast forward to October 16th 2012… the movie is released on DVD and I can view the audience pictures frame by frame.

Above are pictures of Rick and Susan from video pauses of the Neil Young “Journeys” DVD.

That’s proof that the footage is from the Detroit Fox Theater May 20th 1999 concert… it goes by so quickly that you can’t recognize anything when viewing the movie on the big screen in a theater… but they triggered a memory of a night that I’ll never forget… with good friends and good music… and I met Neil Young at a reception after the show, got to shake his hand and thank him for all the great music… and got his autograph on a photo in the 1999 tour program:

And the very cool conclusion 13 years later …

Rick and Susan are in Neil’s latest movie!







I saw Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the WFCU Centre in Windsor Ontario on October 3rd… it was my 22nd time seeing him and the first time on Canadian soil, there was a great introduction, “Oh Canada” was played with the Canadian flag as a backdrop… a video of that is here…

The printed setlist that someone obtained from the stage… (Cinnamon Girl was not played, but Cortez was added)…

The setlist as played…

1. Love And Only Love
2. Powderfinger
3. Born In Ontario
4. Walk Like A Giant
5. The Needle And The Damage Done
6. Twisted Road
7. Ramada Inn
8. F*!#in’ Up
9. Psychedelic Pill
10. Cortez The Killer
11. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
12. Tonight’s The Night

Fuckin’ Up VIDEO…

Point of interest… Poncho was without a guitar when Neil started the song, he was standing there swinging the guitar cord around trying to get Neil’s attention while the tech is running to get a guitar for Poncho! That minor fuck-up resulted in a spine-tingling extended intro jam/drone!

Cortez The Killer VIDEO…

According to someone who is astute to Neil details, “a rare version of Cortez with Neil on Gold Top and Poncho playing a Gibson ES 335″… mmm, I noticed Poncho’s guitar tech when the song started standing to his side holding a guitar to give him, wondered about that.

At the concert I met Denis from France, on a Neil Young newsgroup site I follow he had inquired about the Detroit area and border crossing info, I helped him out and we decided to meet at the show… he has eight more shows he’s going to attend on this tour before returning to France!… Lucky.

Denis’ review of the show is HERE. (google TRANSLATED)

I sat next to a Mr. Palcit and his wife, a lovely older couple from Amherstburg Ontario, their son bought them the tickets as a gift, they had seen Neil many times before and are big fans… I did some namedropping and mentioned relation we have in that area, Morrison, Smeltzer and Thrasher… they live two doors down from one of the Thrashers… small world!

My brother and I sat in the first row on the side “stage right”, it was where people would come  and go from backstage and view the show from the side… saw Neil’s manager Eliot Roberts, his brother Bob Young and his friend /associate Dave Toms. Dave Toms saw someone he knew if the general admission area in front of the stage, he went out and watched the first three songs from that area.

The Neil Young & Crazy Horse Windsor concert was one of those shows that you just want to keep going over and over in your mind… what an awesome experience!

Here are some reviews…

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And some great photos… HERE

An audience shot… my brother and I were in the first row left side of the stage… do you see us?