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Monthly Archives: March 2014


While driving down I-75 on my way to work today I noticed a car from a dealership that I know my former co-worker and sales manager Gary now works at, as I approached and passed I glanced over to see Gary behind the wheel, he did not notice me. I slowed down so he could pass… he moved over a lane and I followed next to him trying to get his attention… finally he looked over and noticed me and a big smile appeared on his face… we waved at each other and I then speed off continuing my trip to work… listening to music, as usual, “Live at the Fillmore East”… “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”… played at a loud volume.

A few miles down the road I noticed there was a message on my cell phone, I turned down the music (the reason I did not hear my phone ring) and listened to the message from Gary who I had not talked to in over two years. He said that it was strange seeing me because he had just been thinking of me that morning… saying it must have been a premonition.

I called him right back, we talked and updated each other on what our familys are doing… me, both sons now married, one back in Bay City the other in Detroit and I’m now a grandpa!… he, oldest son now in Colorado, youngest working in Auburn Hills and daughter working near their home in Birch Run. We shared the details of their jobs and what our wives are up to and planned to meet someday soon on our way home from work.

It’s not the first time I had seen, or thought I had seen Gary driving down I-75… but it is the first time I made an effort for him to see me too.

Frequently on my way to work as I’m leaving town I also see Harold (our former service manager) as I’m waiting at a stop light to turn left towards the freeway… after that left turn while driving down Euclid Avenue I may also encounter Jerrad (former parts manager) as he’s on his way to his job… always a wave and a smile to and from us all… I’m waiting for that serendipitous morning when I encounter all three on my journey…