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upper right you can see a rack of horns

slain by his grandfather the day he was born

far left is a chair his great-grandmother used

in black dress she would sit by a window to view

time passes so quickly… light fades away

the conversations we had are remembered today





médaille miraculeuse



She was my first best friend, as cousins are, until we were about 10 years old we were very close… I still remember to this day the time we were told “no more sleep-overs”… our parents must have thought we were getting to old for co-ed sleepovers. We drifted apart then when it wasn’t cool to have a girl-cousin as your best friend. In the past decades we would see each other only every few years or so… she was planning on moving back to Bay City and I was hoping we could get together and just talk about our childhood… the old TV series “Danial Boone” was our favorite show and we would play Danial Boone in the backyard, she would sing the theme song as we played…


March 14-22, 1965

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my first photo assignment… Niagara Falls…