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Monthly Archives: April 2013


… driving to work today I’m listening to a great recording of Billy Bragg playing at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville on April 17th… Billy tells a story about an imaginary Newport Folk Festival performance in 1959 where Buddy Holly and Woody Guthrie team up to perform “My Flying Saucer”, an electric “supersonic boogie”… at the end of the song I notice the personalized license plate of the little red Saturn car that I had been following, it reads “MY UFO”…

here’s a clip of the same story/song as performed in Chicago April 13th:




video capture…

I paused this music video to answer the phone…

when I came back saw this and thought it was cool…







Last Tuesday my friend Rick called me in the morning and said “Neil Young is in the building”… what?… I asked where he was and he said “at the Research and Innovation Centre” and that Neil’s bus is in the parking lot. I told him that I had heard Neil was traveling across the country from California to Washington DC filming the trip for a movie about the alternative fuel car he had developed called LincVolt. I had seen an article about his stop in South Dakota and had been following the information provided on LincVolt’s website and Facebook page, also web postings of one of his film/photography people. I thought a stop may be scheduled for Detroit where LincVolt was originally built in 1959.

I asked Rick to tell Neil I said hello if he ran into him and we ended the call.








Rick mentioned when he was outside looking at the transport vehicles that he talked to the bus driver for about 20 minutes and he showed them the inside of the trailer, which houses the LincVolt at night and also has an exercise room.










Rick called me back about an hour later and said he was standing about 20 feet from LincVolt and Neil was playing music in the car for some guys in suits, I said I’d bet he’s doing a demo of the high-resolution sound system he’s working on called “Pono”, Rick said he was playing Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”… then I could hear Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” through the phone… I thought… cool, I’m listening to a quality hi-res music system demonstration on my lowest quality old cell phone!… but I loved it, almost like being there.




He also talked to one of Neil’s video production people who was wearing a LincVolt jacket and told him about his cameo in Neil’s most recent movie, “Journeys”… again, being in the right place at the right time…



















In Arezzo I dreamed a dream
Of Saint Francis who kneeled and prayed
For the birds and the beasts and all humankind…



… while driving I’m usually totally lost in whatever music I’ve decided to listen to that day, and there’s nothing better than an external happening that is synchronized to the music… today it was while listening to “The Waterboys: Fisherman’s Blues Part Two”… I’m well into my journey during a driving rain storm and just finished listening to Bap Kennedy’s “Domestic Blues” that ends with “Dirty Old Town”, a favorite, the Waterboys start and I’m instantly absorbed… four songs in during “Too Close To Heaven” as the line “see those blue skies bursting right through the rain” is sung there is a break in the clouds with sunlight streaming in for a very brief time… then it’s back to grey skies and rain…  towards the end of the song it repeats “smile for me baby”… “smile for me baby”…”smile for me baby”… …




Saw this out my back window yesterday… I think the biggest bird I’ve seen this close, at about 18″ long… is it a falcon?, an eagle?… turns out to be a Red-tailed Hawk, an awesome sight.














… while driving home tonight from work up I-75 a car passes me on the left, I glance over to see smiling eyes and a enthusiastic wave from the rear seat window, I can only see this child from about the nose up… this makes me grin one of the biggest grins I have in a long time as I look back at the open road in front of me… glancing back once more before the car passes I see even brighter smiling eyes… one of those fleeting moments of all that is good in the world…